Produced by - George Kasiliyake

Hosted by - Karine de Vahl Rubin

RBC News – George Kasiliyake (0.40)

In the Spotlight – Ruth Foster with Andy Colgan - The Duke Antibes & Colgans Tap Room Mouans-Sartoux (05.12)

Business Sense – Our 'In house' Business in Life Coach Jane Clare (11.53)

Announcements (18.23)

Random thoughts of an American in Cannes on the Croisette Beat with Mike McConnell (19.28)

Colette Marx-Neilsen - "Singing - The Magic, Mystery and Madness" (27.28)

Chats n' Eats – Mike Colquhoun talks to Shaun Murphy - On Facebook @RivieaSailingVacations (35.39)

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