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through November 30th

The Handbag Clinic is one of the largest artisanal workshops in Europe for luxury handbags and has been established in France for 4 years and the UK for 8 years. We work with all major brands.

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click to see "before" photo

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Here is a little more clarity on our most popular renovations

  • We always ask for photos so that we can give a detailed quote of what we can and cannot do. This manages all expectations.

  • A simple clean is 120 euros

  • A clean and touch up – maybe some repairing of the corners etc is 250 euros

  • A simple restoration is 320 euros

  • A Chanel Restoration or colour change is 550 euros. The colours are sent to the customer for confirmation

  • A Hermes restoration or colour change is 750 euros

The process is very simple

  1. You send us photos.

  2. We send you a quote.

  3. We send you a free UPS label – they pick up your bag and it is sent to our office in Mougins.

  4. Or you can use one of our drop off partners in Paris, Monaco, Cannes or St Tropez to drop off your bag. These addresses are all listed on our website.

  5. We send your bag either directly back to you, or to our drop off partner.

  6. All bags that we renovate are treated with our special protector. This not only stops water and grease damaging the leather and fabric, but also helps slow down the natural aging of your bag from use.

Contact us

Please contact us with any queries, comments, or suggestions regarding the RBC and its operations. We look forward to hearing from you.

Phone +33 (7) 53 40 13 81‬

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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