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Fabricio Carminati  was born in Venezuela from Italian parents. His first contact with the French Riviera was in 1984 and spent 4 years here before moving to Paris to finish his studies. He holds a Master of Science in Hospitality Management (MSc) from ESSEC in France and the American University of Cornell in the United States.

Fabricio started working in the luxury hospitality industry, within Inter Continental Hotels Group, for about 10 years, then moved back to Nice, where he switched from Hotel management to Real Estate.

In 2014, following a major personal situation change, Fabricio decided to fully live his passion for theatre and spent the next 6 years in that field, writing and playing his own one man show, teaching, and running two theatres.

But his other passion for real estate and the French Riviera remained unfulfilled so, recently, Frabicio decided to restart a project he had imagined in 2013 which is  FRH – French Riviera House Hunting.

FRH is a property search company mostly dedicated to international clients. It is the encounter of his past work experiences as it combines real estate and hospitality type of services, like arranging property visit tours or helping clients with their settlement on the French Riviera. FRH is totally dedicated to the buyer and there mission is to defend their interests!

Frabicio loves mountain biking, which has allowed him to discover our fabulous hinterland. He also practice ski and since a year now has been practicing cross training.

 Frabicio is totally open minded, loves to create, to discover new horizons and new people, making friends and he is a fierce defender of making business while respecting human values.