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RBC Business Person of the Year Awards 2021

26 November 2021

Our Signature Event – The RBC Business Person of the Year Awards 2021 – in association with the Chamber of Commerce & Industries Nice Côte d'Azur will take place on Friday the 26th of November at 7.00 pm.

7:00 to 7:30 – Welcome Cocktails

7:30 onwards – Awards Ceremony & Dinner

Please keep the date free and watch this space for more details !

Past events

Breakfast workshop at the CCI

23 Septmber 2021

The Chamber of Commerce & Industries Nice Cote d'Azur Hosted the members of the Riviera Business Club to a Breakfast Workshop at their headquarters in Nice.

The Workshop was conducted by experts from the CCI led by Gersende Giordano - Responsable Partenariats Privés & Associatifs and included Elodie Carsalade - Chef de projets Réseaux Sociaux et Communication Multicanale, Jonathan Gabillard and Manon Boissieres, covering every aspect of doing business on the Côte d'Azur with special emphasis on facilities and services available to local entrepreneurs to assist them to recover from the difficult situation which most local businesses find themselves in after nearly 20 months of the pandemic. It was followed with great interest by the members present in addition to the working paper of the workshop being distributed to all the members who were unable to be present as well!

On behalf of the Riviera Business Club a huge thank you to the team at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Nice Côte d'Azur for all their efforts to present a great Workshop for our members today! Thank you for all the support and services for local entrepreneurs as we start recovering from the ravages of the pandemic!

Present : George Kasiliyake Elodie Carsalade Manon BOISSIERES Patricia Soda Fabricio CARMINATI Toby Forman Catherine Hemingway Pamela Keilson Julie Deganutti Karine (Fouchet) de Vahl Rubin Delphine ESPOIR Jonathan Gabillard Marc Morvany Camille Rosienski Sophie Roussel CCI Nice Côte d'Azur Céline Mercier-Jacquet Justine Bouton MURIEL LOSEN PINNA Jean Delphine TURIN Franck SCARLATTI Michèle DABBENE Marjorie BOURSE Emmanuelle PELOUX Ludovic Asso Elodie Feraud Marina Giardina Nadege Bouget Julie Thuet Pauline Gaudino Anne GIOFFRED

Our traditional Summer Brunch Outing at the fabulous Manoir De L'Étang

31 July 2021

A great afternoon at the fabulous Le Manoir de l'Etang in Mougins (easily the best Summer Brunch Buffet on the Côte d'Azur) with a few members of the club still not gone on holiday! It was as always a fabulous feast – great food, prosecco, wine, mineral water and coffee with Fabricio Carminati, Patricia Soda, George Kasiliyake, Karine De Vahl Rubin, Natasha Wardle, Claude Deslandes, and Emyr Wardle.

2021 Dinner outing at Utopia restaurant

Dinner outing at Utopia Vegan & Italian Restaurant, 3 July 2021

Our second post covid event was a very enjoyable Networking Dinner outing to the very popular Utopia Vegan & Italian Restaurant in Nice. Utopia was founded by the RBC Start Up of the Year 2020 Winner Francesca Lazarro and which keeps generating consistent rave reviews ! The evening started with welcome Prosecco Cocktails followed by a very special three course dinner with a choice of entré & plat inclusive of a half bottle of wine per person plus coffee and mineral water.

Two of our newest corporate members attended for the first time - Fabricio Carminati  and Patricia Soda along with corporate members George Kasiliyake and Julie Deganutti members Lyudmila Parshukova and Rainer Von Recum and guests Dorothy Foster, Daniel Deganutti, Ruth Foster and Sophie Kilian.

It was a super evening - great vegan food and great fun company! If you haven't tasted the food at Utopia yet add it to your bucket list now! By far one of the best on the Côte d'Azur!

Utopia, 35 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice

2021 Networking cocktail in Cannes

Networking Cocktail Hosted by SmartCIC - 11 June 2021

Finally! A very small gathering to test the water before we re-launch our regular events programme of the Riviera Business Club! Hosted by Toby Forman - The RBC Business Person of the Year 2020 at the very spacious office of his company SmartCIC Global Services in Cannes!

A select group of only 15 to conform to health and safety measures was further reduced due to the horrendous traffic jam in Nice and on the motorway on Friday evening but those who made it had a very enjoyable evening with plenty of prosecco and great beer with the compliments of new corporate member Brasserie BLEUE and some excellent finger food from Curry & Spice !

Among those who made it were our hosts of course, corporate members Toby Forman & Catherine Hemingway, corporate members George Kasiliyake, Mark Talbot Holmes , Julie Deganutti , members Karine De Vahl Rubin (Host-RBC Radio), Lyudmila Parshukova, Rainer Von Recum and guests Antonio Barona, Winner RBC Business Person of the Year 2018, Sandra Richez Member of BPOY 2021 Jury, and Melaniya Georgieva (SmartCIC).

It was so nice to actually stand next to each other and network and talk business again after nearly 18 months!

2020 Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards - 27 November 2020

Due to on-going pandemic and lockdown we regret to announce that the Gala Dinner was cancelled. We presented the winners in a virtual ceremony conducted by George Kasiliyake and Nicole Ruskell, Journalist Editor of Riviera Insider and ambassador for #cotedazurfrance and #UnJourUnTalent.

Congratulations to the Business Person of the year winner, Toby Forman, co-founder and Director of SMARTCIC Global Services. Our Start Up of The Year winner is Francesca Lazzaro, Director of Utopia Vegan Restaurant in Nice.

2019 Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards - 29 November 2019

2018 Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards - 30 November 2018

This year's awards ceremony took place on Friday 30th November at the  Radisson Blu, Cannes.

2018 BPOY Launch Cocktail

RBC Launch Cocktail - 4 October 2018

The Riviera Business Club Business Person of the Year 2018 Awards Launch Cocktail in association with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice and Côte d'Azur, was hosted by the Edhec Business School at their Nice Campus last week. Sponsors, Members, Past Winners, the BPOY 2018 Panel of judges, representatives from our sponsors & hosts, Edhec Business School and guests graced the occasion. Sandra Richez, Head of Global MBA Career Services at EDHEC, made a presentation of the school and and it's services while Chairperson of the BPOY 2018 Jury Jean-Francois Boutin introduced this year's panel to the gathering. Also present was Isabelle Graniou-Marniquet - Relations exterieures EDHEC Business School.

Photo by Emmeline Boutin - RBC'S In House Photographer/ E-Marketing & Sales

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2017 Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards - 1 December 2017

The event was hosted and co-sponsored by the leading business school in France - Edhec Business School at their Nice campus with the support of and participation of the CCI - Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Nice Côte d'Azur.

2016 Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards - 2 December 2016

The proud winners of the RBC Business Person of the Year Award 2016 were Jennifer Rocher & Kerry Bracken Lacquement of Lavender & Rose with the Best Start up Award going to Andy Colgan of Colgan's Brewery.

The Trophies were designed & presented by ANDYANA and the evening was hosted by Sarah Lycette from Riviera Radio with Sylvain Rouget representing The CCI Nice Cote d'Azur. Thady Nolan of Ma Nolan's, the previous Business Person of the Year, was also present to congratulate his successors Lavender & Rose.

2016 Networking Cocktail Cannes

RBC Networking Cocktail Cannes - 16 June 2016

Over 40 members, guests and local entreprenuers from the region were present at the Quai 21 Business Center in Cannes.

Four Corporate Members of the RBC - Tracy Leonetti (LBS), Laurent Delcourt (Centre Delcourt Aides Auditives), Andy Swann (Andy Swann Voyage) and Isabelle Pieterman (Doggys Cool) made presentations of their respective entreprises while new Corporate Members Bruno Mallet (New Property Riviera) and Sylvie Fumiere (Andyana) were introduced to the gathering. Elodie Carsalade - Chef de projets communication multimedia - of the CCI - Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Nice et Cote d'Azur was also present to offer advice, assistance and information to the members present.

Dorothy Foster - Chairperson of the Business Person of the Year Awards 2016 Panel of Judges was also present. Among others present was the current Business Person of the Year Winner Thady Nolan of Ma Nolan's, Mela Nolan and Laura & Jamie Pike from the Riviera Polo Club.

A recent start up on the Riviera - The New Caterers - offered an excellent Cocktail Buffet - It was a great evening and another successful event for the RBC! Our thanks to Nicholas Angel & Quai 21 - unquestionably one of the best event venues in Cannes!

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2016 Networking Cocktail Dinatoire - Hotel Villa Rivoli

RBC Networking Cocktail - 28 April 2016

The Riviera Business Club Networking Cocktail Dinatoire in the elegant salon of Hotel Villa Rivoli was hosted and sponsored by RBC member and owner of this gem of a hotel in the heart of Nice, Barbara Kimmig. It was a great networking evening for RBC members & guests. In the spotlight was Andy Colgan of Colgan's Brewery, a corporate member of the RBC, whose presentation on his experience of starting a new business on the Cote d'Azur was both interesting and useful for the entreprenuers present. Barbara Kimmig shared her experience of starting up her hotel business and the Chairperson of the panel of judges for the RBC Business Person of the Year Awards 2016 Dorothy Foster of Skema Business School gave a brief outline of judging criteria etc., for this year's nominees.

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2014 Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards  - 4 December 2014

Thady Nolan of Ma Nolans was selected as the RBC Business Person of The Year 2014 while the Best Start Up Award was won by Alice Andrusca of Aquarelle Cafe.

This year's awards had the support of the CCI Côte D'Azur with the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation coming in as the title sponsor. Among the other sponsors were deVere FranceThe Riviera TimesAngloInfoThe Marriott Riviera and Events by George.  Amy Blake held the audience spell bound with her magical performance.

2013 Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

RBC Business Person of the Year Awards  - 2013

Greg & Marion Harris of Cote d’Azur Villas were the winners of this prestigious award of Bohemian Crystal The Crystal Caviar Trophy valued at 6000 Euros and their entire team were present to celebrate the success of the company. The Start Up of The Year Award winners, Ewan Bird & Bertrand Petit of Vin De Terre, were the worthy winners of the Waterford Crystal Trophy designed by John Rocha which was presented to them by the Agent for Crystal Caviar in France 'Fiona Weldon'.

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