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Enjoy the many benefits of membership

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Join our friendly community of entrepreneurs on the French Riviera

Entrepreneurs on the French Riviera join the RBC to grow their businesses, strengthen their leadership, and support the local economy.

We offer the opportunity to connect and network, build trusting relationships, grow knowledge, and share experience and resources. Our partnerships and links with local associations and structures such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Cote d’Azur (CCI) provide our members with essential support to grow and scale their business.

Benefits of membership

  • Regular networking events to connect in person with other business leaders

  • Workshops to learn and share essential skills that will grow, scale and market your business

  • Interactive presentations in areas such as key industry changes, finances & tax, HR and team development

  • Support, direction and connections to setting up and running a business in France

  • Online mastermind and hotseat opportunities

  • Access to our community and networks to communicate and market your products and services

Joining the RBC is an essential step in investing in yourself as a business leader and giving yourself time away to work on the business instead of in the business.

Take the first step towards success for your business

Some of the many benefits of membership


The RBC organises events that will enable you to network and connect with other established business leaders here on the French Riviera and Monaco.

When you join you will have access to the Membership roster and we encourage you to connect as soon as possible via social media channels and get familiar with your fellow members even before attending your first event.

Each event aims at enabling our members to deepen their connection and widen their network. Some of these will take a more relaxed approach while others will be more formal like our Business Person of the Year Award and end of year Summer Ball. While there is of course a social side to each event we recognise that today’s entrepreneur is conscious of their time and wants to leave each event having learnt something new and inspired to take action.

business networking with the CCI Nice Côte d'Azur

Valuable partnerships

The Riviera Business Club works closely with the CCI (Chamber of Commerce) and also have events that will link in with other local business clubs so that you can further strengthen and widen your own network.

While many of our events will be in person, we also have regular online meetups so that wherever you are in the world you can still keep networking with our community.

Award ceremony for Best Start-up of the Year and Business Person of the Year


Our upcoming 2022–2023 events calendar aims to provide a supportive environment for all our members.

We have put together a varied events programme that will take the form of presentations from expert speakers and interactive workshops where individuals will share and learn from each other. Speakers will come from within our membership but also call on experts in their field on the Riviera who might not yet be members.   

By sharing resources ( ideas, tools, knowledge, experience, contacts ) every member will be able to leave an event with practical and implementable ideas for their own business.

There will be opportunities for businesses to share details on their companies and sponsor our larger events and for everyone to socialise and interact with one another.


Online Masterminds and Hotseats

The results from our Spring townhall in 2022 indicated that our members would like regular opportunities with other business leaders to discuss the issues they are facing. 

From September 2022 these will take the form of online mini workshops. By creating a safe and confidential space we want to encourage participants to discuss together problems they may be encountering. The “hive mind” present on that call will then be able to offer valuable insight or examples of what they did in their own business.

Often these hotseat moments are illuminating for those that are just listening in as they realise they too are having the same experience or issue. Advice offered could take the form of practical actions to take or connections that could help the person in the hotseat. Masterminds and hotseats are another way to deepen relationships and connections with members that are being established in our in person events.

Boost visibility with radio podcast and business networking events

Increased Visibility

Marketing and advertising are a cornerstone to a successful business.

The RBC organises networking and connections online and offline to support businesses with their word-of-mouth recommendations. We also have opportunities to increase visibility for our members through our various online channels.

This could be a video interview, advertising in our monthly newsletter, social media shoutouts and sharing of your posts, and spotlights on our website. There are also opportunities to sponsor events.

Business Awards with Riviera Business Club

Business Awards

The Business Person of the Year Award and Start Up of The Year Award also provide excellent publicity for nominees on all our channels and then for the winners with all our partners.

Nominations are welcome for both RBC Members and non-members for the Business Person of the Year Award and Start Up of The Year Award. 

Business mentoring in english on the Côte d'Azur from Cannes to Monaco

Listening to our members

The town hall in Spring 2022 formed an essential part in the relaunch of the club for 2022/2023. We are creating a transparent environment that encourages our members to become an active part of our community. We welcome their input throughout the year so that we can make this club become a vibrant and essential tool in every business leader’s toolbox.

As a non-profit Association under the 1901 law, all members are requested to vote and are asked to attend the Annual General Meeting, which includes nominations and voting of the board each year.

Registration form

Membership is open to local and expat entrepreneurs and business organisations registered and doing business in the PACA region

There are 4 categories of annual membership

Platinum Business | 350€

PLATINUM BUSINESS is our premium business membership for professionals and entrepreneurs managing larger or multiple businesses. You probably are part of an established team and may be looking to strategically scale and grow.

With bigger budgets and teams comes additional challenges that our workshops and mastermind programs will look to help address. 

The RBC will look to actively connect you within our membership and partner network to key contacts who will support you as you attain your goals and Strategic Quality Plan.

This membership package includes a regular schedule for visibility and communication throughout the year, via all our platforms including a sponsored newsletter, and the possiblilty to present your business at an in-person event, ensuring that you and your company have maximum exposure. Membership includes up to 5 named employees.

Riviera Business | 150€

RIVIERA BUSINESS is our standard business membership for professionals and entrepreneurs who have an established service or bricks and mortar business and might be looking to generate more revenue. 

The RBC meetups and masterminds will allow you to deepen your business connections both locally and internationally with a goal of increasing turnover and profitability as well as develop your skills as a leader.

Typically, you might be looking at your first hire or already have a small team. Regular networking will enable you to connect with other similar sized businesses so that you can share your expertise and discuss best practices for managing small businesses in a variety of areas from HR to technical solutions. 

This package includes a visibility campaign via our website and social media networks. Membership includes up to 3 named employees.

Solo Entrepreneur |  75€

SOLO ENTREPRENEUR is a simple business membership for those who are just starting out or in the early years with their business. Typically, you will have validated your concept and have regular clients and recommendations.

This membership level is ideal for those looking to nurture their business and make connections with other small businesses and individuals. It provides that essential support when setting out with your freelance or “auto entrepreneur” business.

Your focus is probably to increase your visibility to bring in more clients and customers by implementing a marketing campaign, improving processes, and perhaps discovering business tools to help you grow.

This package includes some website publicity and social media posts.

Individual | 50€

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP is a membership level for those that are not currently running their own business. 

Perhaps you work as part of a large organisation, or you might be retired. We know that you will have a lot of experience to share with us and we welcome your expertise into our community.

This level is also ideal for those looking to start up their future venture. It provides an access point for you to connect with the local business community.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS : We offer a discount of 20% on business membership rates for young entrepreneurs age 30 years and under.

NON MEMBERS :  Member’s partners and spouses are welcome to attend all events throughout the year at the non-member rate.

How do I join ?

Please complete the online application form below

For any questions or inquiries please email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(1) The Riviera Business Club is a non-commercial organisation and, as such, can not be seen to provide direct financial benefits to its members otherwise its status as an association under the relevant French law renders it liable for tax. Accordingly, all promotions etc., while facilitated by the RBC, must occur between members and not be made by the RBC itself. The RBC acts as messenger, facilitator and intermediairy, but not direct contributor.

(2) The responsibility to distribute (and remove unused) physical promotional items such as flyers or brochures remains with the member(s) concerned. The RBC may provide a suitable location for such items to be collected from, but can not undertake to physically hand-out any items concerned.