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Shaping the future of English education for young minds! Carmina Catena is a visionary entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of HiPe Kids, a driving force behind innovative education.

HiPe Kids, born in 2018, is a dynamic startup that's revolutionizing English education for children aged 3 to 18. Carmina firmly believes that the human touch should be at the core of technology to elevate online education to new heights. Her unwavering commitment lies in catering to individual learning needs, embracing diverse profiles including High Potential, Dyslexia, and bilingualism.

Carmina knows that building confidence is the key to unlocking successful language acquisition. With over 20 years of experience as a teacher, an accomplished Educational Consultant, and a background in Ed-Tech innovation, she brings a wealth of expertise to HiPe Kids. With a dedicated team of 11 employees, they prioritize delivering top-notch education and have achieved an impressive annual turnover .

Carmina's vision is to open the doors of English learning to all children, ensuring a transformative and inclusive educational experience.