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Hello there!
I am Theresa Destrebecq, an American living here on the Riviera since 2015.

I am a passionate learner and leader who loves books, so I founded Emerge Book Circles, whose goal is to re-imagine organizational learning, through reading.

After spending over a decade in traditional education and education leadership, and a decade coaching professionals, I now combine the two to create, lead, and facilitate book-centered learning communities, whereby we can all learn and grow with and from each other using books as the bridge to that learning and connection.

I don’t believe that change and growth doesn't come from reading more books or taking more trainings. It comes when we cross the threshold of conviction, from knowing the ideas, to having the heart and the will to implement them.

A book circle is an intersection of training and community building – it's collaborative and transformational learning rolled into one. 

The book acts as the platform and the subject-matter expert, and I act as the bridge between consuming and creating, by way of connected learning.  Unlike traditional learning and development structures, my goal is not to teach or deliver content, but to create space for wisdom to emerge from within the individuals and the group.

Most of my book circles are custom delivered to both small and large organizations and NGO, but I also lead one book circle for individual leaders.

Readers come from companies like: Morningstar, Jabra, Fortinet, The Ocean Clean Up, Hatch, Sony, Business Forensics, Medecins Sans Frontier, etc.

Here are some kind words from current and past readers :

I had the privilege of being in the first book circle Theresa hosted for some of Morningstar's leaders. It far exceeded my expectations.

Theresa cleverly used both side-bars with a few colleagues and conversations with a larger group of participants simultaneously. Notably, the sessions were not just a regurgitation of critical concepts from the relevant reading. They were designed to be additive and novel, going beyond the text. This significantly enhanced the overall experience and added value beyond reading the book alone.

– Charles Gross, Director of Equity Research, Morningstar

I had the pleasure of participating in Theresa's Emerge Leadership Book Circle, with a group of amazing leaders from various countries and cultures.

Theresa has a rare talent to design learning experiences that make the group bond as a community, and gain insight far beyond the individual reading. I warmly recommend Theresa's Emerge Leadership Book Circle to all the leaders who want to dedicate some time to their own development and want this time to be well spent.

– Cécile Guinnebault, Executive and Team Coach, Atsumi

As busy leaders, the book circle model allows us to step back and think about our approach to both our team and our job as a whole. It also allows us to see what is happening in other departments that we might not have seen or known. Theresa is engaged, objective, asks powerful questions, and is a great facilitator. My team appreciated her focus on integration and action.

– Scott Armstrong, Executive Chairman, Pioneer Square Brands