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Angela Irwin
Ruth Foster
Valentina Gargano

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Hosted by Angela Irwin

September 2022 edition

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Meet Our Members

Maria Elena Daynes

Valentina Gargano talks to Maria Elena Daynes, founder of Advanc-H and our very own RBC Secretary

In The Spotlight

Toby Forman

Angela Irwin talks to Toby Forman, CEO of of Smart CIC and President of the RBC

Making Connections

Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown

Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown, founder of KidooLand and our Membership Secretary, discusses the many benefits of joining the RBC

5 Question Interview

Julie Deganutti

Angela Irwin interviews Julie Deganutti, co-founder of Pixiecom, and RBC Communications

RBC Announcements

Presented by Angela Irwin

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    Angela Irwin