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Angela Irwin
Valentina Gargano
Ruth Foster

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November 2022 edition

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In The Spotlight

Veronique Langer

Angela Irwin talks to Véronique Langer, founder of Linguapolis, language training for professionals in Sophia Antipolis

Meet Our Members

Theresa Destrebecq

Valentina Gargano talks to Theresa Destrebecq of Emerge Book Circles

5 Questions Interview

Gavin Sharpe

Ruth Foster interviews Gavin Sharpe of Riviera Wellbeing

Mike's Chats

MD Poole

Mike Colquhoun interviews M.D. Poole, author and novelist


Karine de Vahl Rubin presents the latest news from the RBC

Business podcasts in english - RBC Radio Côte d'Azur
  • Produced by

    Karine de Vahl Rubin

  • Hosted by

    Angela Irwin